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How To Get Engaged on Google+ The Almost Social Media Platform I have a lot of tools to help online marketers get going and keep going with their business. One growing and important platform that I notice is missing from the array of tools is Google+. I m designing a course to cover that gap. Get in touch if you would like to be a beta tester for free. I m working with a couple of people now. We re demystifying the tech part so people can get on and use the platform to build their business. In the meantime The Midweek Zap happens every Wednesday at Noon PDT/3 PM EDT. I have guests to walk you through various aspects of using Google+. We keep it rich and fun with actions you can start using that day. Join us. Last week, internet pioneer B. L. Ochman who helps Fortune 500 companies gave a rundown of the essential components of Google +. YOU Plus Google+ is about you. If you have been following these email messages you know that attraction marketing is a terrific way to b

Break the Rules on Google Plus

Be Yourself Midweek Zap from Z guest Phil Bowyer talks about Breaking the Rules on Google+ for online marketers. Be yourself is the best way to get yourself across. Forget buzzwords like transparency authenticity. If you try to act authentic, you are doing the opposite. And, worse, you come across as not authentic at all. Watch the video for other tips.