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Face Fear – Memetics and Your Persona

 Sep 10, 12:00 PM 12:40 PM   Fear holds us back from reaching our potential. In business we often let fear keep us from doing even the simplest next step. Visionary thinker+Grizwald Grim  talks about facing fear, archetypes, and gaming your business. The mind seeds we plant, the memes, in our brain can redirect our thoughts and actions. We use various archetypes as we present ourselves in our business persona. Rethink yourself for your business. Responding Yes or Maybe will set a reminder so you can catch the replay.) *Hashtag: #MWZ * Please use for your tweets and when sharing out the show. Like the topic? Know someone that will enjoy it? Invite your friends! About Griz: Tagline Quite possibly a visionary Introduction I see things in ways most people seem not to, and marvel at the how everything is connected. I m interested in social reform and breaking down the barriers that seem to be holding our species back from its potential. My favoritest Youtube Videos:

The latest product and policy updates from Twitter

The latest product and policy updates from Twitter

spacer_600-1408671540264.pnglogo-1400528502322.png Hi Margie Walker, We’ve updated our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. We’ve updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policyto reflect new features we’re testing (starting in the U.S.) to allow you to buy merchandise from some of the most popular names on Twitter, without leaving the Twitter experience. The Terms of Service update introduces terms covering the use of our…

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Do you know Cole Haddon, Seth Grahame-Smith and SundanceFilmFestival on Twitter?

Do you know Cole Haddon, Seth Grahame-Smith and SundanceFilmFestival on Twitter?

ribbon.png Margie Walker, Some people you may know on Twitter ibis?uid=2198645772&iid=903432ffee6f49fba928145ff4351fff&nid=273+20+20140908&t=1zf6lxnfazdxrb957cxs2_reasonably_small.jpeg Cole Haddon @colehaddon Creator of NBC/Sky’s DRACULA, screenwriter, and writer of comic books… Following: 284 · Followers: 4149 blue_bird.png Follow QgIikqfu_reasonably_small.jpeg Seth Grahame-Smith @sethgs Author of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES, ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE… Following: 308 · Followers: 11025 blue_bird.png Follow

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