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Semantic Relevance & Post Etiquette for Engagement

 How Semantic Relevance Adds to Your Business Presence Semantic relevance comprises your entire presence on the web. Your Google+ page, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest boards, etc. and all the people who engage with you make up your relevance on the web. Content, media, marketing, engagement are all part of your semantic (what the search engine notices about you) presence. You want everything you do online related to your business to send out a consistent message. If you outsource various parts of your business such as content creation marketing social media SEO graphic design and anyone else involved in your online presence they all need to be clear on the business message and your online persona so that a consistent message goes out not only to your clients and customers but to the search engines as well. You send out signals about the type of business you run.

Communicate! Framing Authority and Trust

Watch the Midweek Zap here: +Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales communication authority talks about the how, why, and what of communication. What is important about your message? Does how you say it make a difference? Who are you talking to?  What is framing? Be yourself even in your business. 0:20 Introduction 1:13 Framing what it means and why it is important 1:46 How you construct your message : components 2:00 How the receiver receives your message 2:39 How to frame and how does audience react 3:01 Business importance 4:10 Importance of phrasing, sentence structure, and words you choose 4:33 Tone is important for audience perception of you 5:24 Different frames for different platforms and your website 6:11 Example of difference between FaceBook and LinkedIn and context 9:59 Importance of consistency in message and tone of voice 11:21 Zebra tattoo distinction: we are all unique 13:24 Be yourself: show your individual striping 13:46 Practice differentiation through original content 14:57 F

How To Be Semantically Smart

EAT Experience, Authority, Trust Google is the big search engine. Recently Google has changed the way it searches your content, especially on your web page. What worked last year does not serve you well now. Your landing page is the base of how people and search engines perceive you and your business. What s on you landing page? You need breadth and depth in your content so you resonate with what your audience is looking for. Show your experience through regular and consistent content. Build your authority by referencing other authorities in your field. If you do this regularly search will begin to see you as an authority as well. Your consistency in giving your audience a rich experience, with depth of content and links, and a consistent tone and message across all platforms will develop trust with your readers and with search. You create a double bonus for your brand. It s not a Popular Keyword As a business you need to trust the people who are actually looking for what you offer.