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Midweek Zap – What’s Your Worth? Business finance.

Wednesday , July 23, Noon PT/ 3 PM ET What s Your Worth Finance consultant +Stephanie Sims brings her investment banker experience to business. She has developed a tool Finance-Ability to help business owners know their worth.If you don t know how to think about creating a business plan or even a budget for your business, this is a do not miss event.She’ll be answering questions and giving tips on getting building your business financial knowledge.Responding Yes or Maybe will set a reminder so you can catch the replay.)*Hashtag: #MWZ * Please use for your tweets and when sharing out the show.Like the topic? Know someone that will enjoy it? Invite your friends!About Stephanie:TaglineRecovering investment banker, champion of business owners, lover of the written word, wife of a Frenchman, mom of threeIntroductionAs a small business owner, you probably don t want to hear about finance until you absolutely have to.Do any one of these sound like you?You’re wondering what you need to

Sunday Side – What do you feel?

Sentiment and Google Search Theory Google wants to know your feelings. Did you know that? Google calls it sentiment analysis. If you are way into it you can read Google s explanation. After Facebook s revelation of their emotional contagion experiment expect more sentiment fiddling. David Amerland semantic search spokesperson wrote about the ramifications in an article Sentiment Analysis in Semantic Search earlier this week. Google, The Research Foundation Of The State University Of New York, and Microsoft have all entered the quest for sentiment and opinion mining. Right now, sentiment analysis is hard to do and predictive search at this time is only able to truly search for two of four variables. What does this mean for you? Comments now really matter, says David Amerland. And You want your comments to be positive. Because in semantic search reputation and authority are driven by positive comments. More importantly You want to create content that drives positive comments and sen

Sunday Side – Find Your Target Market

A Good Way Find Your Target Market The best way to develop relationships on Google+ is to start conversations with people. You can search hashtags (#Your Target Market) to find interesting posts by people who may be your prospects. You can find a treasure trove of people by exploring Google+ Communities. On the left of your profile go to Communities. Click on Communities. At the top of the Communities page you ll find to tabs: All Communities and Recommended For You. Go to Recommended For You. Find a community that is likely to involve members of your target market. Click on the community to investigate. On the left column of the community description you ll see Members. Click on See All.